Academic/Research Staff


Dimitrios Filias
G.G.: 738/27.07.2017 τ. Γ΄
Literary Translation from French into Greek
Filias Dimitrios
Stavros Katsios
Chair Holder of the UNESCO Chair on Threats to Cultural Heritage and Cultural Heritage-related Activities at the IU
Director of the Laboratory for Geo-cultural Analyses (GeoLab)
Institutional representative at the Scholars at Risk (SAR) network
G.G.: 475Γ/21.05.2015
International Economic Relations and International Economic Crime
Katsios Stavros
Panagiotis Kelandrias
Website and social media coordinator
G.G.: 519Γ/08.06.2017 (ΦΕΚ μεταβολής γνωστικού αντικειμένου: 630/14.02.2022/τ. Β')
Translation from English into Greek
Kelandrias Panagiotis
Yorghos Kentrotis
Deputy Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting
Director of the Institute for Language, Translation and Interpreting Studies of the IU's Research Center
G.G.: 67/30.03.2001/τ. ΝΠΔ
Translation Theory and Practice
Kentrotis Yorghos
Ioannis Lazaratos
G.G.: 1095/01.10.2018, τ. Γ'
Philosophy: Ontology, Epistemology, Aesthetics
Lazaratos Ioannis
Sotiris Livas
G.G.: 2701/05.11.2021 (ΦΕΚ μεταβολής γνωστικού αντικειμένου: 342/01.02.2022/τ. Β')
Politics and Society in Middle East
Livas Sotiris
Georgios Michalakopoulos
Representative of DFLTI to IU's Research Committee
G.G.: 220/τ.Γ'/24-1-2024
Turkish Literature and Civilization
Michalakopoulos Georgios
Theodosios Nikolaidis
G.G.: 2030/09.09.20210 τ. Γ'
Early Modern European History
Nikolaidis Theodosios
Anastasia Parianou
G.G.: 519Γ/08.06.2017
Technical Translation from German into Greek
Parianou Anastasia
Michel Politis
Student Ombudsman
Director of ENOPOTEM
G.G.: 1659/11.07.2022/τ. Γ'
Didactics of legal, economic, political and historical texts translation from French into Greek
Politis Michel
Stefanos Vlachopoulos
Head of the Interpreting Specialisation Committee
G.G.: 1431/22.10.2014/τ. Γ’
Interlingual Communication in Multicultural Environments
Vlachopoulos Stefanos

Associate Professors

Ioannis Karras
Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting
Institutional Erasmus Coordinator
Director of the MA "Politics, Language and Intercultural Communication"
G.G.: 511/04.03.2021, τ. Γ' (ΦΕΚ μεταβολής γνωστικού αντικειμένου: 3779/13-08-2021, τ.Β')
Applied Linguistics: English Language and Intercultural Communication
Karras Ioannis
Vassilios Letsios
Director of the Laboratory for the Translation of Greek Literature
G.G.: 1734Γ/07.07.2023
Modern Greek Literature and Literature Translated from Foreign Languages into Modern Greek
Letsios Vassilios
Pashalis Nikolaou
Era-Places Coordinator
G.G.: 1734Γ/07.07.2023
Literary Translation from English into Greek
Nikolaou Pashalis
Chistos Saltapidas
G.G.: 239/22.10.2002, τ. ΝΠΔΔ
French Literature and Culture
Saltapidas Chistos
Olaf Immanuel Seel
Departmental Erasmus coordinator
G.G.: 1734Γ/07.07.2023
Language and Translation: German-Greek
Seel Olaf Immanuel
Vilelmini Sosoni
Departmental Internship Coordinator
G.G.: 1734Γ/07.07.2023
Economic, Legal, and Political Translation from Greek into English
Sosoni Vilelmini
Maria Tsigou
Director of the Postgraduate Programme "Science of Translation"
Head of the Departmental Internal Assurance Unit Committee (ΟΜΕΑ)
G.G.: 277/12.02.2021, τ.Γ'
General Linguistics and Translation
Tsigou Maria

Assistant Professors (tenured)

Sotirios Keramidas
G.G.: 555/04.05.2020, τ. Γ'
Technical Translation from Greek into English
Keramidas Sotirios
Christian–René Papas
G.G.: 1299/31.07.2019, τ. Γ'
Technical Translation from Greek into French
Papas Christian–René
Marina Pappa
G.G.: Γ'3067/23.11.2023
Interpreting theory and simultaneous and consecutive interpreting from English and/or German into Greek
Pappa Marina

Assistant Professors

Sotiria-Lito Alexaki
G.G.: Γ΄624/11-05-2020
Translation criticism in the Eptanese: English - Greek
Alexaki Sotiria-Lito
Anastasios Ioannidis
G.G.: Γ΄1472/05-07-2021
Interpreting from German into Greek and from Greek into German
Ioannidis Anastasios
Theodoros Vyzas
G.G.: 1062/20.04.23/τ. Γ'
Translation of specialised texts (French-Greek and Greek-French) and community interpreting
Vyzas Theodoros

Special Research Personnel

Charikleia Alatza
G.G.: 2115/15.09.2021, τ. Γ'
German Language and Literature
Alatza Charikleia

Special Teaching Personnel

Petros Bobolis
Balkan History and DocumentationBobolis Petros
Foteini Karlafti-Mouratidi
Internship Coordinator of the POLICO postgraduate programme
G.G.: 15236/15.04.2021, τ. Β'
Economic-Legal-Political Translation from French to Greek and Legal and Economic History in the Ionian Islands
Karlafti-Mouratidi Foteini
Eleni Moraiti
G.G.: 142/10.8.1998/τ. Ν.Π.Δ.Δ.
Applied and Laboratory Work on European Civilization and History of Civilization
Moraiti Eleni

Visiting Lecturers

Dionyssis Anastassopoulos
Visiting Lecturer at POLICO
Anastassopoulos Dionyssis
Giorgos Damaskinidis
Damaskinidis Giorgos
Eleni Kassapi
Translation StudiesKassapi Eleni
Chrysanthos Tassis
Επισκέπτης Καθηγητής στο ΠΜΣ «Πολιτική, Γλώσσα και Διαπολιτισμική Επικοινωνία»
Tassis Chrysanthos

Adjunct Lecturers

Sylvia Karastathi
English Literature, English Language and TranslationKarastathi Sylvia

Academic Scholars [NSRF]

Sotiris Amarantos
Modernist european culture and course and advance of european philosophyAmarantos Sotiris
Foteini Haireti
Turkish Language and History of Turkish LiteratureHaireti Foteini
Stavros Kozobolis
Legal-economic-political translation from English into Greek with the use of corporaKozobolis Stavros
Maria Petrocheilou
Interpreting from English into Greek and Translation from Italian into GreekPetrocheilou Maria
Stavroula-Paraskevi Vraila
Vraila Stavroula-Paraskevi

Academic Scholars program is co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF)




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