Doctoral research

Doctoral research is carried out at the DFLTI on topics related to Translation Studies as well other fields and topics that are taught in the Department. A fundamental prerequisite for accepting a PhD student is that the candidate has an extensive background in the field of study related to the scientific domain of the proposed doctoral thesis.

Each PhD student is supervised by a three-member Advisory Committee, appointed by the General Assembly of the Department following a recommendation by the Steering Committee of the Postgraduate Programme, which will guide and supervise the PhD student. The Advisory Committee consists of the supervising Professor of the Department who holds the position of Professor or Associate Professor of Assistant Professor and the other two members, one of which may be a Lecturer. After the completion of their obligations and in accordance with the programme and regulations of the Postgraduate Programme, PhD students must defend a thesis or dissertation before a seven-member examination committee. The members of this committee may belong to the academic staff of the Department or other Departments as long as their field of expertise is the same or related to the field of study and research conducted by the PhD student for their thesis or dissertation. In any case, the members of the examination committee must hold a PhD title and have a proven body of research in the relative field.

The General Assembly of the Department is entitled to call for PhD students depending on the programming of the Department’s research activities, after the informed recommendation of the Steering Committee of the Postgraduate Programme.

Carrying out doctoral research in one of the specializations covered by the Postgraduate Studies Programme is only possible through attendance and participation in the DFLTI Postgraduate Programme. To date, the DFLTI is participating in special collaboration protocols for doctoral research under joint supervision with the University of Sorbonne-Paris IV, the University of Rennes, the University of Montpellier, the University of Caen, the University of Nantes and the University of Seville.