Turkey – Middle East: International Relations

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The course intends to associate students with the intricate realities of Middle Eastern social, political and religious life. Having as our starting point modern Turkey’s relations with the Middle East, we strive to understand the reasons behind the wars, the anarchy, the oppression but also the vibrant culture of the countries of the Middle East. Topics to be examined: Middle East – terminological problems, birth and development of Islam, Sunni and Shii Islam, Islamic Law, theology and philosophy, Muslim empires and governance ethics, development of modern Middle East, Middle East and colonialism, development of Turkish Islam, development of modern Turkey, Islamism, wahhabism, fundamentalism, salafism – terminological problems, Israel and the Arab states, current state of affairs in Middle East and Turkey.
The course intends to be a practical guide to modern Middle East as well as to associate students with the methodology of international law and international relations. It is for this reason, that students debate between themselves topics as different as Islam and liberal democracy, prospects of peace in Palestine, hijab and women’s rights, the need for a protestant revolution in Islam.

Core Bibliography: 
Livas, S. Globalisation, Nationalism and Islam