Connection to the Industry

The Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting (DFLTI) connects the academic world to the market through collaborations with professional associations and institutions employing translators and interpreters.

Professional associations

DFLTI recognizes the importance of professional associations as a core point of reference in the translation and interpreting market. This is the reason why collaboration with these associations is of crucial importance.

DFLTI collaborates with the following professional associations:

Collaborating institutions

DFLTI also recognizes the importance of internship, both for the Translation and Interpreting specializations. The department therefore collaborates with institutions employing translators and interpreters in Greece as well as abroad, which can offer such opportunities to its students.

Internship in Greece

Collaboration with scientific, social and academic institutions has been prioritized in this framework, but private sector collaborations are equally important. Some examples:

  • Summer Academy of the University of the Aegean
  • Panteion University
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Culture and Sports
  • Action Aid
  • Publishing houses (Kritiki, Psichogios Publications)
  • French Institute
  • Corfu Regional Court
  • Translation agencies in Greece
  • Private companies in Greece

Learn more about Internship in Greece.

Internship abroad (Era-Places)

  • International Organizations, such as the Press and Communication Office of the Republic of Cyprus in the Council of Europe, the Embassy of Greece in Berlin, the United Nations Regional Information Center, the Permanent Representation of Greece to the EU, etc.
  • Foreign universities, such as Universita degli Studi di Verona, Universität Leipzig, University of Malaga, Instituto Cervantes Universidade do Porto, etc.
  • Multinational translation agencies, such as TransPerfect Translations, Deladrière Translation, DANONE, etc.

Learn more about Era-places Internship at DFLTI

Strategic Framework

In December 2020, the Greek Manpower Employment Organization (OAED) and DFLTI signed a strategic cooperation framework for the use and management of professional interpreting services for the teleconferencing platform.

Translation and Interpreting software and services’ companies

DFLTI collaborates with leading software companies in the field of Translation:

RWS Campus Programme-Trados

RWS Campus technology for universities supports the teaching of localization technology in linguistics and translation courses. Trados technology and training resources are offered for curriculum modules including the CAT tool component to help prepare students for a successful career in localization.


DFLTI has been granted free access to the Phrase Academic plan, a software that makes use of the integrated Phrase platform and which includes translation memory, automatic (machine) translation, terminology management and a CAT tool. It is designed for both online and offline use and is intended for universities offering programs in the field of Translation.

Bureau Works

Imagine using a web tool that helps you be more productive and deliver more translation projects at an affordable price. BWX is a complete translation management system with all the essentials: a CAT tool, a Translation Memory, a Glossary, Automation, plus the latest AI benefits. It comes with a friendly interface and a supportive team that cares about your needs. See it in action for yourself!

Juremy is an online search tool providing fast and accurate bilingual concordance search in the EUR-Lex and IATE databases in 24 EU languages. Juremy is designed for the workflow of translators, lawyer-linguists and interpreters working with technical or EU-related texts.

In case of EU institutional translation and legal translation in general, consistency with preceding EU texts, exact referencing of and correct quotation from published documents, and the use of correct terminology must be provided in the translated text. To meet these standards, linguists need to spend a significant amount of time on terminology research and referencing. Juremy reduces time spent on each terminology or phrase lookup to only a few seconds by offering an easily searchable and regularly updated database using EU open data. In addition to bilingual phrase result display, Juremy shows relevant context data related to the source document (date, relevancy, source of law, topic), and automatically performs intelligent lookups for similar or just slightly different search terms. Through these features, Juremy saves time, makes referencing easier, and helps choose the right terminology.


DFLTI is a partner of ZOO Academy which seeks to bridge the gap between the entertainment industry and the research world, to equip universities and educators with real-world localization technology, to empower the AVT talent pool and to elevate the future-thinking ideas of industry experts. ZOOsubs is designed to help translators do what they do best, while empowering them to deliver perfectly-timed subtitles.The cloud-based subtitling workstation has in-built glossaries to ensure consistency, using pre-approved translations for key names and phrases in your content. QC tools ensure subtitles are always compliant and ready to reach the end-point platform on time.


OOONA Integrated stands as the company’s flagship platform, representing years of development work and a powerful combination of OOONA’s translation management platform and the complete toolset. It is fully online platform boasts advanced cloud technologies, scalability, and top-tier security, holding the TPN Gold Shield for cloud security and ISO 27001 certification. It is the platform of choice for many of the world’s most prominent language service providers in the media and entertainment sector.

DFLTI collaborates with EL-Translations, a leading provider of Translation and Interpreting services.


Within the framework of the MA "Science of Translation", EL-Translations collaborates with DFLTI delivering the module "Translation Project Management". All project managers of the company who teach this module are DFLTI graduates.

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