LiteraryTranslation Greek-French I

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The course aims at –via a ‘ laboratory formed’ approach based on the students’ interactive participation—their sensibilisation in the area of Literature and the gradual procedure of their familiarization with Literary translation. This is an undergraduate course which mostly aims at initiating, considering and practicing rather than teaching prepared ‘translation techniques’ or application of theories. The students’ familiarisation with the literary translation is accomplished via weekly practical activities based on both long non-translated extracts from French to greek ( and vice versa) and the elaboration process of translated books.
During the last six years, the topical area in which the specific pedagogical approach is implemented, are the relationships between greek and French literature in the forty-year period of 1960-2000.
The literary extracts present a gradually high degree of difficulty every semester depending on the choice of both the literary genre and the writer. During this stage, an emphasis is given on both the genre of novel and the essay writing. The common topic of these sessions constitutes a cycle which starts in October, i.e. at the beginning of the winter semester and continues even during the vernal semester including the same objectives , topical issues and methodological approach.

Core Bibliography: 
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