Consecutive Interpreting German-Greek VI

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Intensive practical workshop in the theory and practice of consecutive interpreting with a total of 40 class hours and additional 40-50 hours of group work, self-study and preparation. Since students have already developed their note-taking skills during the previous semester, lessons obtain weekly specific focus topics of greater difficulty and specialization, with more complex meanings and other practical obstacles, so as for the students to practice the management of these situations, as well as the objectivity and adaptability of the professional interpreter. Teaching is organized according to original material and speeches concerning Greek, European and international affairs. Apart from that, students are informed regarding the ethics of the profession. Last but not least, besides the weekly "focus topic", each student undertakes to present to each lesson a specific topic on current affairs/international affairs/history, so that the students group can enrich their general knowledge.
Assessment: At the semester exam students are asked to interpret consecutively a speech 15-18 minutes long.

Core Bibliography: 
Kalina, S. (1998), Strategische Prozesse beim Dolmetschen, Tübingen:G. Narr. Matyssek, H. (1989), Handbuch der Notizentechnik für Dolmetscher, Heidelberg: J. Groos.