General Linguistics and Translation Ι

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The module makes an initial attempt to introduce students to the close relationship between Linguistics and Translation through the analysis of concepts that demonstrate the contribution of the former to study of the latter and vice versa. The module offers a detailed analysis of topics such as the relationship between language and communication, the nature of language, differences between human and the ways of communication between animals, the nature of speech, languages and extralinguistic reality, language varieties and communication, language use, language material, the double articulation of language and language economy. The relationship between language and meaning, the signifying nature of language, the nature and properties of the linguistic sign, the concept of the language system, the concepts of synchrony, diachrony and dynamic synchrony are all studied. The difference between syntagmatic and paradigmatic relations is further analysed with the use of examples from various languages. The concept of Grammar is defined and discussed. Topics from the areas of Phonetics and Phonology are also discussed. such as the production of sounds, vowels, consonants in Greek and the phonological systems of English, French and German.

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