About us

The Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting of the Ionian University opened its doors in Corfu during the academic year 1986-87 and is the only University Department in Greece that trains Greek-speaking translators and interpreters.
The Department offers two undergraduate programmes of study, one in Translation and one in Interpreting. Both programmes are four-year programmes and the first two years are common for both the Translation and the Interpreting specialisations. Since  1998-99, the Department has been offering a third specialisation  in "Spanish language and culture and its teaching as a foreign language". This four-year undergraduate programme, made its final enrollments during the academic year  2012-2013, following its merger with the Translation Specialisation (Athena Scheme, March 2013).
There are currently three working languages taught at the level of translation and interpreting from and to Greek: English, French and German. The curriculum also includes the teaching of Turkish, Spanish and Italian languages for beginners and advanced learners.
The programme of study is organised as follows: during the first two years, students are gradually familiarised with the Theory and Practice of Translation and also take courses in Linguistics, Foreign Cultures and Literature, International Relations, Law , Political Science, Finance and Economics, Philosophy, Intercultural Studies, etc.

During the final two years the focus is on Practical Translation courses from and into the mother tongue, , i.e.  Economic/Political/Legal Translation, Technical/Scientific Translation and Literary translation. During the 5th semester, students are given the opportunity for admission to the specialisation of Interpretation following a vigorous entry examination comprising of written and oral tests, as well as a personal interview. During the 7th semester, all Translation students spend a Semester Abroad. The tuition fees, travel expenses and accommodation/subsistence costs are covered by the Ionian University. Due to lack of funding, the Semester Abroad will not materialize for the academic year 2015-2016. Instead, additional modules will be offered to students at the Department.

The scientific and research objectives of the Department are pursued through the organisation of international conferences and seminars, the publication  of the Scientific Yearbook of the Department and of the journal Glossa Polytropos, the supervision of doctoral theses and the publication of monographs, as well as the cooperation with Universities in Greece and abroad. Finally, the Department operates three Specialiased Labs which are actively involved in research and international cooperations.

The Department graduates can find employment as translators, reviewers, editors, copywriters, project managers, terminologists in:
Translation companies
Ministries, embassies, consulates, etc.
International organisations (European Union Institutions, the Unites Nations, UNESCO, etc)
Publishing houses
Financial institutions, multinational companies, NGOs