The MA "Science of Translation" was founded in 1998. Since then it has been reformed either to adapt to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) (academic year 2010-2011), or to better meet the requirements of the modern labour market (academic year 2014-2015). Since the academic year 2018-19, it has been operating under the provisions of Law 1500/02.05.2018, Issue B regarding the re-establishment of the MA “Science of Translation”. Since the academic year 2022-23, it has been operating under the provisions of Law 4957/21.07.22.

Studying at the MA "Science of Translation" is free. The MA "Science of Translation" is funded by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, by research programmes, by EU or other international organizations programmes, as well as by donations, benefits, legacies and sponsorships of public, private or other bodies (article 11, Law 1500/02.05.2018).

The new Programme, reformed according to the respective international standards for postgraduate programmes, aims to provide specialized knowledge in the Theory and Practice of Translation, in New Technologies in Translation, as well as in the scientific fields of Specialised Translation (Economics, Law, Politics and Medicine) and Literary Translation, and in Subtitling. Its main purpose is to achieve specialisation in translation, while its main working languages are Greek and English. References to French and German are also made.

At the same time, the Programme aims to broaden the educational and scientific background of students by offering courses such as Linguistics and Translation, Didactics of Translation, Philosophy and Methodology of Science, Intralingual Translation, Translation and Culture, Criticism of Literary Translation.

Updated: 07-07-2023
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