Entry exams

Every academic year, the Programme accepts 20 applicants. A call for applications is published online.

MA entrance examinations

The MA entrance examinations take place in October, on a date announced by the MA Coordination Committee. They include written exams and an interview.

Exam material

The candidates take written exams in the following fields:

  • Greek Language
  • Theory of Translation
  • Translation from English into Greek

The exam material is announced in the MA call for every academic year.

Exam grading

The total score on the entrance exams is calculated as follows:

  • 30% from the examination in "Greek Language"
  • 30% from the examination in "Theory of Translation"
  • 30% from the examination in translation from English into Greek
  • 10% from the interview

If a candidate scores below 5/10 in any of the above exams, they are excluded from the MA selection procedure.

The list of successful candidates is posted on this website.

Updated: 24-01-2021
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