Connection to the job market

The MA "Science of Translation" collaborates with companies and institutions that employ translators and interpreters in order to bring students closer to the labour market.

In the 3rd semester of their studies, students have the opportunity to participate in a two-month Internship programme in selected Greek or foreign private or public companies and bodies with recognized experience in professional translation.

See the companies, institutions and bodies that collaborate with the MA program.

The MA "Science of Translation" collaborates with leading software companies in the field of Translation:

  • RWS Campus Programme-Trados, which develops partnership with university departments that have included cutting-edge technology courses in their program of studies.


  • Phrase Academic plan, a software that makes use of the integrated Phrase platform and which includes translation memory, automatic (machine) translation, terminology management and a CAT tool. It is designed for both online and offline use and is intended for universities offering programs in the field of Translation.

  • Bureau Works, a complete translation management system with capabilities to address the challenges of translation and localization. It provides links, file filters, analysis, segmentation and translation editing/production environment, as well as all management with a huge degree of automation of the entire workflow management.

  • Juremy, a web-based search tool providing fast and accurate bilingual concordance searches in the EUR-Lex and IATE databases in 24 EU languages. Juremy is designed for the workflow of translators, legal-linguists and interpreters working with technical or EU-related texts.

  • ZOO, designed to optimise translators' work while enabling them to deliver subtitles on time. The cloud-based subtitling workstation has built-in languages that enable the translation workflow to be optimised and delivered in a timely manner.

  • OOONA,  a fully web-based platform featuring advanced cloud technologies, scalability and leading security, holding the TPN Gold Shield for cloud security and ISO 27001 certification.

DFLTI collaborates with the translation and interpreting company EL-Translations in the context of the course "Translation project management". All project managers of the company who teach at the MA are graduates of DFLTI.

Updated: 30-01-2024
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