During the 3rd semester of studies in the MA "Science of Translation" programme, students choose either to write their master thesis or to participate in the Internship programme. It is, however, possible for one to do both.

Students who wish to participate in the Internship programme are required to inform the Internship Programme Coordination in May.

Collaborative partners

Our students participate in the Internship programme at well-known translation centres or companies.


The collaborative partners are chosen based on:

  • The experience they have in internship programmes
  • Their financial turnover (validity check)
  • Their digital presence
  • Any positive previous cooperation with DFLTI


Collaborative partners are assessed on a yearly basis by the:

  • Internship programme Coordinator who checks the implementation of good practices by the entities and informs the Coordination Committee
  • Students who submit a report after completing the internship

Learn about the partners that we collaborate with.

Internship programme coordinator

Dr. Vilelmini Sosoni, Associate Professor at DFLTI.

Updated: 21-01-2024
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