Department Assembly

The Assembly of DFLTI consists of the Head and the Deputy Head of the Department, the Teaching and Research Staff of the Department Assembly, a representative of the undergraduate students, a representative of the postgraduate students and PhD candidates and a representative from every category of the Special Educational Personnel, the Special Laboratory Teaching Staff, and the Special Technical Laboratory Staff of the Department.

The Department Assembly, in accordance with Article 32 of Law 4485/2017, has the following responsibilities:

  • proposes to the Rectorate, through the MA Coordination Committee, the necessity to establish the MA "Science of Translation" in accordance with Article 32 of Law 4485/2017
  • appoints the members of the Coordination Committees and the Director
  • assigns the teaching work among the tutors of the MA "Science of Translation"
  • establishes committees for the selection or the examination of the postgraduate candidates or PhD candidates
  • verifies the successful completion of studies in order to award the Master's degree,
  • exercises all other responsibilities as stated in Chapter F of Law 4485/2017
Updated: 24-01-2021
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