Students work as interns for at least 2 months during the 3rd semester of studies. The two parties may agree on an extension of the internship period or remuneration.


Students can choose either of the following two options:

  • Substitute the master thesis with an internship
  • Participate in the Internship programme while writing their master’s thesis.

Internship-only path

After completing the internship, students must draw up a 6,000-word report about their overall experience and may also include suggestions on how the entity can improve further.

Additionally, they are required to attach a portfolio with source texts of a total of 5,000 words along with the target texts they generated.

Both internship and thesis path

If a student chooses to participate both in the Internship programme and write a master’s thesis, then they are not required to submit any reports. Instead, the entity informs the Internship programme coordinator about the student’s performance. Learn more about the master’s thesis.

Updated: 25-01-2021
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