Intralingual Translation

Teachers: Kentrotis Yorghos
Code: SOT226
Type: Elective
Level: Postgraduate
Language: Greek
Semester: 2nd
ECTS: 10
Teaching Units: 10
Teaching Hours: 2

Short Description:

In this module we move from the older texts to the more recent ones (e.g. from ancient Greek to modern Greek) and examine whether this model is universally valid. It is not, because translation from Latin into French or Spanish is not considered an intralingual translation. We also investigate whether genuine intralingual translation has a reverse course: from newer forms of a language to older ones. But there we do not really have a translation, but original texts written in an older language, such as, for example, the chants of St. Gregory the Theologian written in Homeric language. The theory of Roman Jakobson on intralingual translation by Roman Jacobson will also be discussed.

Updated: 20-10-2021



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