Literary Translation

Teachers: Nikolaou Pashalis
Code: SOT225
Type: Elective
Level: Postgraduate
Language: Greek
Semester: 2nd
ECTS: 10
Teaching Units: 10
Teaching Hours: 2

Short Description:

In considering the translation of literary texts, and the myriad idiosyncrasies in a process of transferring a poem, novel or dramatic text from one language and culture to another, we recognize a multifaceted, and often necessarily creative, act. Especially when authors become involved with the practice, they frequently transcend and redefine what we commonly accept as translation, and its limits. In this postgraduate course we will investigate a range of settings between imitation and literary experiment, proceed to look into examples of versions and hybrid texts, in an attempt at a critical understanding of the fruitful dialogue between original and translation. This also helps us become more aware of translators’ essential role when it comes to receiving an author in another language and literary tradition. And, further, to identify the limits and principal conventions of ‘translation proper’ as well as adequately evaluate its presence inside the realm of literature.

Recommended Bibliography:

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Updated: 20-10-2021



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