Philosophy and Methodology of Science

Teachers: Lazaratos Ioannis
Code: SOT124
Category: Specific Background
Type: Elective
Level: Postgraduate
Language: Greek
Delivery Method: Face to face
Semester: 1st
ECTS: 10
Teaching Units: 10
Teaching Hours: 3
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Short Description:

What is science? What is its method and logic as a theoretical activity and form of knowledge? How is it differentiated from other forms of seeing and acting and how is it related to them? What is its relation as a mode of seeing to reality and truth, and what is the "degree" of certainty it provides? What is its socio-political function? Is translation a science? Questions such as these, and other relevant ones, are posed and discussed in the context of a first introduction, on the one hand, to the methodology of scientific research and knowledge and, on the other hand, to its philosophical understanding and evaluation.



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