Member of the EMT

The post-graduate programme "Science of Translation" is a member of the European Master's in Translation (ΕΜΤ) network of the EU for the years 2024-2029.

EMT is a quality label for MA university programmes in translation. The Directorate General for Ttranslation awards it topost-graduate programmes that meet agreed professional standards and market demands.

The main goal of EMT is to improve the quality of translator training to enhance the labour market integration of young language professionals. The EMT competence framework, drawn up by European experts, defines the basic competences that translators need to work successfully in today's market. More and more universities, also beyond the EU, use it as a model for designing their programmes.

By training highly skilled translators in close cooperation with the language industry the EMT seeks, in the long run, to enhance the status of the entire translation profession in the EU.

Updated: 25-06-2024
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