Audiovisual Translation

Teachers: Sosoni Vilelmini
Code: SOT121
Type: Elective
Level: Postgraduate
Language: Greek
Semester: 1st
ECTS: 10
Teaching Units: 10

Short Description:

The aim of the module is to provide an introduction to Audiovisual Translation (AVT) and to familiarise students with this type of multimedia translation which poses various restrictions to translators and differs greatly from traditional interlingual translation. Dubbing, Audio Description, subtitling for the D/deaf and hard of hearing (SDH) are all covered, but emphasis is placed on interlingual subtitling which constitutes the prime type of AVT in Greece. Students use the free software Subtitle Edit, while other key subtitling programs are also introduced and the use of templates is explained. Meanwhile, students learn to work with the spatiotemporal and technical constraints of subtitling, the challenges posed by the various genres and those posed by the use of humour, slang and cultural-specific elements.

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