Students have the right to choose either to write their master thesis or to participate in the Internship programme. The internship shall be carried out in accordance with the regulation in force.

The procedures to participate in the Internship programme are as follows:

  1. The student does a two-month internship any period from June to December of each academic year (3rd semester of studies) in a domestic or foreign entity, either private or public, in consultation with the internship supervisor and in accordance with the requirements of the relevant regulation.
  2. After completing the internship, he/she will write a 5000-word report where he/she will document his/her experience.
  3. At the end of the internship, the entity informs the internship Coordinator on the student's overall performance and, of course, reports any problems encountered during the internship period. The internship Coordinator informs the Coordination Committee of the postgraduate programme accordingly.

    Internship Coordinator: Dr. Foteini Karlafti-Mouratidi
Updated: 23-07-2023



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