Translating Europe Workshop (TEW)
Translation and the use of inclusive language in Greek
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Did you just assume... our gender?

The aim of the proposed TEW is to promote the debate on inclusive language with a focus on Greek as well as to provide translators and content creators with the necessary tools and methods to use inclusive language.

Although reducing gender and other types of bias in writing and translation will not break stereotypes, it will make people more aware of it and of the stereotypes that we can make or break with language use.

Who should attend

Translators and other language professionals, copywriters, drafters of legal and administrative texts, lawyers-linguists from the EU Institutions and researchers.

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On Friday, 3 December 2021 on Zoom. You should first register yourself to participate (for free).

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The speakers

Academics, researchers and officials from the EU and the Greek public administration, as well as translation professionals from the EU Institutions.

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