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Translation of EU Texts

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The module seeks to introduce students to the translation of EU texts. This involves an introduction to the nooks and crannies of the European edifice as well as the idiosyncracies of EU texts. Emphasis is given on the linguistic equality of EU texts and their subsequent surface similarity and ‘hybridity’. Students learn how to produce texts which not only conform to Target Readership (TR) expectations and are terminologically accurate, but which are also in line with the EU Institutions demands and guidelines. As a result, students become effective users of the phraseology, expression terminology and idiolect of EU texts. They learn how to cope with the socio-political EU context and at the same time meet the market demand for highly-competent translators of EU texts. Students are also familiarised with the language of politics, the characteristics of speeches, the art of spin, as well as various types of propaganda writing, such as Web texts produced by the EU Institutions and addressed to the wide public.

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