Laboratory for Geocultural Analysis (GEOLAB)

GEOLAB Research 
Translating Knowledge into Policy

GeoLab is a nonprofit independent educational foundation of Ionian University (DFLTI) founded by the Presidential Decree 9/2002 operating under article 50 of L. 1268/1982, article 4 of L. 1404/1983, article 4 of 2083/1992, article 27 of L. 2081/1992, article 1 of L. 2469/1997 and article 22 of L.2362/1995, for serving research and educational purposes in the fields of international relations, economic geography, geopolitics, political science, comparative law, diplomatic history, international economic relations, European institutions, inter-cultural studies and foreign languages, counties and culture studies. GeoLab is situated in the centre of the city of Corfu (Tsirigoti Sq. Asklipios Building, GR-49100).

GeoLab receives no additional government funding. Contributions are received from foundations, corporations, and individuals. Other revenue is generated from its research and scientific services and from the budget of the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting.

GeoLab is international in its perspective. It undertakes an extensive multilingual publications program in form of books, monographs (Library of the Laboratory for Geocultural Analyses) by "Papazisi Publications", Athens, occasional papers, working and briefing papers and shorter studies like newsletters. In its efforts to examine the various aspects of the public debate in these issues, GeoLab is introducing the series of annual Rosetta Lectures by world authorities and experts in its research-fields. Additionally GeoLab seeks to broaden the public debate in its scientific disciplines by participating hosting or co-organising conferences, from which papers are due to be published.

GeoLab is administered by its Director Associate Professor Stavros Katsios. Other bodies vital for achieving its goals include the Unit for Strategic Planning and the Scientific Counsil.

Contact Info:

GEOLAB - Laboratory for Geocultural Analyses

Ionian University,

Tsirigoti Square,

Asklipios Building

GR-49100 Corfu, Greece